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Hi guys:rolleyes:
As a virgin in this field I would like to know how to connect my new NEC 2500.
At the moment I have a dvd reader as master and a cd writer as slave. I dont know if it would be better to replace the dvd reader with my new writer or somehow link the three together. I hope to be able to copy dvd movies and legally download films from the net and burn these to watch on my home cinema.
Also I have Nero is this going to be good enough???
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes time to help the retard:confused:
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Hi and welcome to the forum.

The options open to you are,

Replace one of your existing drives with the new one.

Or if you are not running two harddrives then you could connect your new drive to that IDE channel as the slave drive.

Nero is basically good enough to copy files onto your CD or DVD. It isn’t good enough to backup films to DVD or to copy protected CD to other CD’s.

Luckly though we have an entire forum dedicated to these issues. So look around and hopefully you will find out what you need to know.

Hope this helps.


Nero is just fine for backing up dvds that are single sided (<4,7gb) as long as you use the appropriate program to rip the original movie to your hard disk drive.

What you will find though is that Nero probably will not recognise your new drive, as the 5.x series dont work with the latest Nec drive. You can get the latest 5.x Nero version from here just in case.

Your options if that occurs will be:

  1. Upgrade to Nero 6
  2. Use a registry modification to make Nero 5.x recognise the drive
  3. Use other burning software

Thanks a lot Hemispasm
The download site from Nero worked and it now recognises my drive. Any idea why I only get 1.2 rip speeds with Smart Ripper with this drive when they quote a lot higher in the spec.:smiley:

Ripping is somewhat locked in dvd recorder drives to lower noise when playing dvds. You can either use a patched firmware that will remove this limitation, whichj i dont think is available currently for the ND2500 or simply use a dvd drive for ripping (not a recorder) that doesnt have such a limitation one way or another.

Sounds like a PIO / DMA issue to me.
Is DMA enabled?

There is no way that drive should be ripping @ 1.2x!
UNLESS, you are trancoding and ripping at the same time then perhaps it could run that slow sometimes.

To verify that it is indeed ripping at that speed do a speed test with DVDInfoPro.

But a straight rip of any DVD on that particular drive should be at least 4x. Does it happen on only one DVD or a whole bunch of different ones? Have you tried on pressed DVD’s as well as DVD±/R’s?

Well it could be as well a DMA issue as Ssseth mentions, although i wouldnt be surprized if the ripping speed were as slow if the disk aint in the best of conditions.

For instruction on how to enable DMA on XP check this out, courtesy of Womble :wink: