Where do i go to see what my registration key is

I have a registration key for ANYDVD and Clonedvd but only the anydvd one shows up when i go under my computer. I’m being prompted that my “trial offer” has expired and I know that the registration keys were purchased from someone else but I also know that the other person is not using it anymore because he has no need to. I really like these programs and I would pay for another set of reg keys but right now I am waiting for a coupon code for $10 off.

Any help? I was going to send the keys to slysoft and have them tell me what is wrong.

And that is what you should do…

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Maybe it would be a good idea for you to review the below recent CD Freaks Forum postings concerning SlySoft Registration Keys.





your keys in the registry are found here

HKEY local machine>software>elabotatebytes>clonedvd>key

highlight the [I]KEY[/I] on the right pane and file>export>save

replace clonedvd with slysoft>anydvd

if keys don’t work and get message your trial is over
then you have blacklisted keys
ie keys that were shared on the internet, warez sites, etc
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Isn’t this a cross post? Seems like it was talked to death in the anydvd forum.

Well it looks like my anydvd DOES have a registration key but my clonedvd now just says “clonedvd registration key” so i’m assuming it disappeared on that one. Oh well.

Are there any coupons out for the slysoft programs yet?