Where do I find or make an ISO file?

Hi name is adonallme. I am the technically challenged Newbie. I need your help if you kind people would. Thanks.

I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 6 with the ability to burn an ISO file to DVD. So where do I find it or make it?

Well here is one way, but not with Ashampoo. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Posts #77 & #78.


Thanks Mr. Barley but I still do not understand. Where is this image file located on the hard drive? Is’nt an ISO file a boot disc for emergency applications?

An ISO file can be made from many different things. Usually you’ll find ISO files as complete copies of a cd or dvd disk. But you can compile your own ISO file from other sources.

ImgBurn can make an ISO file from various files on your hard drive, or a disk in your drive. Use it in Build mode to make an ISO. ImgBurn cannot make an ISO of an encrypted disk though, so for commercial dvd movies, you need to break encryption first.

Read this entry at widipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_image

By the way, ImgBurn is a fine burning program also, and is free to download and use. www.imgburn.com