Where do I find drivers for Optorite CW5207?

I had to reformat and reinstall xp-home on wifes computer. In doing so I wiped out the Sony record now software that was working with my replacement cd-rw drive (Optorite CDRW CW5207). I don’t have a copy of the sony software and can’t find it so I tried to install easycd creator 5 by Roxio that I have on my computer. No luck. It can’t see the disk. The disk is reconized by xp and I have been able to copy a file to a cdrw through xp. I just can’t find a way to copy cd to blank cd. Checking Roxio site the Optorite is not a supported drive. Downloaded a freeware program and it hung up not seeing the drive.

I need either directions on how to copy data cd to cd with xp-home or software that will do same with the Optorite cd. I need to be able to copy from 1 to 8 disks of the same data at a run. I would perfer a shareware program that I could try out first or a freeware program that works.

Any help will be appreciated.


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Suggest using Nero 6 - can get Suite 3 shipped for <$10 at www.pricewatch.com - gives you seriel # and all - good program-eh!

Will Nero see my drive automatically? I just tried to download Quick cd-dvd burner and it won’t work either. I don’t mind paying for a program but I want to be sure it’s going to work.

Also if I buy Nero 6 am I going to get any kind of support from Nero. I just went to Nero and of course everything there is 7. I wouldn’t even mind buying 7 if I was possitive it would work.