Where do i buy the very latest version?

I have been checking around and cannot decide which is the very very latest version of Nero’s burning software. I don’t want to buy a version to find there is a better one out already. I will only buy from well known retailers, I would be grateful if someone could help me out and send me in the right direction or at least tell me more codes and details of what the latest version is. Cheers. :confused:

As far as I know you can pick up a disk from a retailer and then update it via the website using your CDKey or purchase one online to begin with.

If you want a CD then get one from a retailer. It is basically the CDKey that comes with it that will allow you to use the latest version.

why not just but a online serial number?, then you will be allways up to date.

ps. the versions in shops are hardly ever the latest version, i think it says on the box somewhere, i bought nero 6 a few weeks ago, the version number was :eek:, probibly 'coz by the time it was manufactured. shipped to the shops and had been sold to me several updates would have come out.

I have a suggestion. Go on the web the nero oem version for 5 to 10 dollars dollars. It is a slightly watered down version, not what you get in retail and has serial number so you can get all the updates and has incd. Also go to www.sonic.com and get record now 7.xx deluxe (not record now deluxe suite which contains dla software). Record now deluxe is so much easier than nero and works perfectly and wont interfere with nero being installed. You use nero incd for your dvrw and cdrw archeiving packed writing and record now deluxe for everything else such as dvdr and cdr. Note record ord now deluxe does not have dla so it wont interfere with incd. This i have best of both worlds

Ahm, I don’t get it? Why don’t you look at www.nero.com to find out what the newest version is? At time of writing it is

As written above, if you got a serial number, you can always download and install the latest version. There is a new version published roughly every months or so, so if you don’t upgrade your version will become outdated anyway.

Nero came bundled with my LiteOn Burner and i upgraded it with newer versions (it was just oem suite 3|- ) but it works lol