Where do I buy Taiyo Yuden Media?

I am wanting to buy some Taiyo Yuden media, and I do not know where to go. Can I even buy Taiyo Yuden, or do I have to buy it under another name? Can you all recommend an online retailer?

I have a Lite-On 832s, and if there are different “grades” of TY media, please let me know which I need to get.


  1. Where do you live and where do you usually buy DVD media?

  2. OEM Taiyo Yuden CD and DVD media are always cheaper than retail That’s Taiyo Yuden. The quality could vary a little but it’s the prices that vary very much. Usually, the quality differerence between retail and OEM TY cannot be easily felt but the OEM disks cost half the retails. As far as I know, Taiyo Yuden doesn’t create “grades” among their products. Why sell C-grade or D-grade products at all if they can make only good-quality disks? A-grade and B-grade are mostly Taiwanese inventions. Consumers need not care about such things because poor-quality media should have been destroyed inside the factory in the first place, never to be sold to end users. Companies like Princo, Ritek, Infodisc, BeAll, SKC, Saehan, and many others often sell such disks to consumers but there are even worse ones.

Taiyo Yuden is extremely hard to come by (in particular Europe). And even if you find a shop that sells them, then you most certainly pay the grand prize for these discs.

I live in Illinois and when I use to order Mitsumi Golds (CD), etc… I always ordered from a site that was something like memorymedia.com. That was a long time ago, and that site wouldn’t pull up when I just tried it tho. They use to have ALL the top notch media tho. So do you all have a website you would recommend? Surely there are some sites that specialize in blank CDs and DVDs? Thanks for your help.

I’ve done some searching on pricewatch.com and I’ve thinned my search to the following 2 stores: http://www.allmediaoutlet.com and http://www.supermediastore.com .

Look at the TY media at the SuperMedia link. How does that look?

Just by chance, I found these instead:


Pioneer DVR-A08 OEM for US$119.


LG GSA-4120B OEM for US$119.

I think they are both overpriced at this moment because there are too few 12x and 16x models from other manufacturers yet. Lite-On’s SOHW-1633S and Samsung’s TS-T552 will help bring the average price of 16x writers (plus GSA-4120B which also writes to DVD-RAM at 5x) to under US$100 sooner.

I can’t find any TY DVD+R or DVD-R media at allmediaoutlet but newegg.com is probably a better place to get TY media.


There’s nothing that indicates a short suppply there.

You can get very good priced TY Dye from 2 companies in GB - here we go again :slight_smile:

  1. SVP - 121cdr.co.uk - Verb pastels for little money.

  2. www.blankshop.com - TY dye -r in 100’s and +R Maxells in 5’s and 25 piece tubs - 25 for £15 - they are made in Japn, ID as TY, come in a TY box, and burn and test perfect. For that price, really good value - not as good as the US/Japan, but I feel less ripped off now - and I paid £16.50/tub a month back :frowning:


A very useful and informative thread for long but everyone stopped adding reply there. There are 1214 replies from July 04, 2002 to June 5, 2004. Most posts discuss where to buy cheap DVD+R and DVD+RW media in the United Kingdom.

Another one here


Shipping cost is 14 euros by DHL

I have some TYG02 8X Taiyo Yuden DVD-R obtained from supermediastore and they have been flawless as expected. :smiley:

Unfortunately, my Fusion 4x DVD-R disks are only TYG01, not TYG02 which is one of the reasons why I bought 10 times as many 4x DVD+R. :slight_smile:

My earlier reply regarding UK sourced TY did not go as expected - it seems I hit ‘quote post’ and not ‘quote reply’ - and I cannot edit it? I meant to reply directly to 'theunbeatable’s post. re:

Taiyo Yuden is extremely hard to come by (in particular Europe). And even if you find a shop that sells them, then you most certainly pay the grand prize for these discs

What’s are the links to the burners for? I am getting ready to order a Pioneer 108, but how did you know:D?

At NewEgg which media is TY? And is any of it a sure thing? I looked and couldn’t find actual “TY” media. Only the usual brands.


Newegg Samsung DVD+R 50 packs were previously known to be YUDEN000T01 discs,
But not anymore.
Reports show that Samsung is now using OPTODISCRO4 media instead…


Try Acca Recording Products. I got 100 8X disks from them and the quality is excellent and the price, even with shipping, was right.

Bob Shem

What are some other Brands that are actually TY media? I think I read somewhere that FUJI sometimes is TY media. Is that true?

Yes, it is true from my experience in Europe but we find them now mostly in jewel cases. The ones in spindles with TY media code have disappeared from vendors’ sites.

Are these 25pk Maxells 4x +R TYG01 or TYG02?
I thought 4x defined them as TYG01, but am confused because I’ve seen Fusion 4x as TYG02.

btw, the Maxell 4x +R (taiyo Yuden) are now down to £10 - 25pk (40p per disk)
Best price on TYs of seen yet, Thanks for the link!

Any TY that is 4X is TY 01.

8X is TY 02.