Where did you die in your last life?

THURSDAY when no amount of Tweeking could Get into CDFREAKS
Forum or anything else on the site

Congrats on being the youngest person ever to post at CDFreaks; I’m pretty sure we’ve never had a 4-day old infant posting here before! :bigsmile: :flower:

Thanks I must Bee Quik (for the Google Speelcheker) DrageMester or can I say Roar; :wink: :kiss: :flower:
I am Dyslecsic Dyscalculas lefthanded .AT school I was classed as a very dumb bright child :eek: .Now I am a total Freeking Idiot :cool: . Love any thing waky :slight_smile: .AT the moment to scared to lg of :sad: .Was told …sit having problems Email tec support .:eek:

Looks like Burma, somewhere in the general Rangoon area. Must have died of boredom, the heat or a combination of the two. :wink:

Diane, somehow I get the feeling that you didn’t get the point of my post above, so perhaps I should explain:

The title of this thread is “Where did you die in your last life?”, and you answered “THURSDAY…” and since this is Monday, and you died on Thursday, you must be 4-days old or less. :smiley:

I wasn’t commenting on your spelling, grammar, intelligence or anything like that. :disagree: :flower:


In S_S’s bed with this [B][I]great big[/I][/B] smile-eh!

OMG you do know me :bigsmile:


THANKS I Know :bigsmile: I was only taking the micky or fun out of my self .:bigsmile:

You did recomend google spelchecer for me in my intro post (to lazy to yous it):o
DID die THURSDAY couldnt get into cdfreacks sites till tonight.
MY children told me I have No life but for this site :o :bigsmile:

You sound like me - an addict :bigsmile:

We need a new error message when the CDFreaks forum isn’t working properly:
The site will be down for two hours and thirteen minutes.

Go watch a movie or have an actual life for two hours instead of hitting the Refresh button every 5 seconds.
I’m almost not an addict… :smiley:

I wait 6 seconds (not 5) before hitting the refresh button. :doh:

YESS worse wait till you take a snapshot of a page :o
:no I am not on internet ::rolleyes: :wink:
Then throw batt out of remot mouse
only to dig them out of dudtbin
Because you were clicing on a virtual page:o :eek:

THANKS I can wait :bigsmile: But the last 4 days I have not much left
only Dallas old reruns on tv.:Z