Where did you die in your last life?

Admittedly this is the least scientific calculator-generator ever but hey… Yeah, hey.

I died outside the east coast of Sumatra.

Unfortunately the images it produces are strictly HTML. So you’ll have to write it yourself. With pen and paper. Yeah.

:eek: somewhere in middle east

Pacific Ocean near Alaska.

Middle of Alaska by the looks of it.

somewhere in canada…i’m assuming from frostbite!

On an island in the far, far north, arctic circle of the Canadian North West Territories… very strangely, I have actually been there…

Spooky :eek:

It seems i passed away in Brazil.

On a north-east Canadian island near Greenland.
I’ve never been to Canada though :wink:

Sigh, I would have preferred some cooler location, like Japan :smiley:

South China Sea. Must have been a violent death.

Um … er … brittania :stuck_out_tongue:

I was a whinging POM in a former life :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s called Karma :stuck_out_tongue:

I died in Japan. I guess i was one of those kamikaze pilots or something :slight_smile:
Weird thoug. No matter what place of birth or name i fill in, it keeps popping up Japan.

just north of Sri Lanka

at least it was warm :cool:


At the age of 90, I died in bed. Killed by a jealous husband.

Mystére, mystére… me and jhtalisman.

It’s obvious we were on our way to pick up Womble, then to the rendezvous with the Prof and S_S: but what went wrong?

Hahaha :bow:

Apparently it was in northern China in or near Beijing.

Perhaps I was killed for entering the Forbidden City to have a look at the dragon throne?

Well of course. You never wear any clothes. :bigsmile:

Anyways, looks like I was killed in the Phillipines (or possibly Indonesia)