Where did the start go?

Hi Folks,
Well this is my first post ever so here goes. I have burned a few dvd’s in the past I have a pioneer 106 d and have always used sumvision 4x media. my problem that I have NEVER encountered before is when I have burned the last 6 dvd’s 3 off them do not begin at the start but approx 1 minute in on my home dvd player. The other 3 are ok. I can fast back to the beginning of the dvd then pressplay and it is fine I have checked the files before burning and everything is there and it plays from the start using vlc media player. anyone any ideas please as I thought I had made a mistake so burned another one only to get the same result approx 1 minute into the start. i am so frustrated as to the reason why. Sorry for such a long intro :o

Two words: Better Media!