Where Did The Malaysian JVC Media Disappear To?

So, I swung by my local Big Lots yesterday, and noticed they had tons of JVC brand DVD media. In the past, JVC was mostly made in Malaysia, by MJC, and some folks found it to be pretty decent media, maybe as good as top shelf Taiwanese or Daxon Malaysian media. Because of this, I’ve been thinking to myself for the longest time, “I have to try some of that JVC!”

Well, to my extreme disappointment, all the JVC media they had in Big Lots was either made in Taiwan or China. :sad:

What happened to the Malaysian JVC? :confused:

The last time i bought some JVC DVD-Rs were from Big Lots for some vid work for a church and they were AML discs so not so good there. But its been a while and Big Snots had a 5pk of JVC DVD-Rs for like 3-5 bucks so i say slap down a fiver and give a good scan and post them here for fun. The other media i run into are H-P (which is not the best but work for me in a basic burns, throway stuff, etc… I.O.W. not important stuff) Phillips (old stock I prosume) after Phillips changed (far as i now) their media name to Maganovox (which would be nice if anyone would scan these too), the JVC discs as b4, Memorex, and a odd brand i dont know much about called Opitium. Big Lots is not bad for again buying media for like movies, backup stuff from PCs etc… but most of the time you can get a nice brand for example Verbatim on sale at Best Buy, Office Max for a good price like 50pk DVD-Rs for $15-20