Where Did I Go Wrong?

First post here after burning my first dvd+r on my new Compaq laptop.
I have Nero I used DVD decrypter to transfer the dvd to my computer. I could not use the straight “copy” disc feature because it said the disc was copyrighted (I plan on making backup copies of all my childrens dvd, this was a “Kidsongs” dvd and being rather short, 2.7GB, I figured I might be able to just copy it).
I then took the filles and transfered them to the video file in Nero Buring dvd-rom. Away I went.
I went and put my new baby on our Toshiba dvd player, it is about 4 years old. Nothing but colored blocks and a locked up machine.
I put the dvd+r on our new Panasonic dvd player and it worked perfect!
I have to dvd software programs on my computer. My Cinemaster from QI would not play the disc in my computer dvd player, but Powere dvd played the new disc fine?
I quess my question is this…can I tweak stuff all I want and never get the dvd+r to play on the older equipment or older software? Or, can I reset something or adjust something (maybe another burning program) to get the disc to play on our older equipment?
Thanks in advance!
aka Lamf77

You might try DVD-R media. Also, try lowering the speed of the burn. I use 2X with nero and haven’t had any problems on the 4 DVD machines I’ve used.

As far as the decrypting goes, I use DVDShrink myself and it hasn’t failed me in almost a year. If the DVD’s your copying are that small, you could actually combine a couple of them using shrink.

Can I use DVD-r media on a dvd+r machine?

Is your burner strickly a DVD+R? If so, then I don’t believe you can. However most are at least -/+ compatable.

All Compaq laptops only use DVD+R media. It will not recognize a DVD-R disc. When HP bought Compaq, being members of the DVD Alliance (the plus standard) had something to do with this.

I have a Compaq Presario 700 and it reads DVD-r\rw +r\rw. Get DVD region free. It will remove the CSS Protection from your DVD’s before you burn(It does this automaticly when you insert a DVD into your drive). 1). Just install DVD Region Free on your computer 2). Use Nero Recode 2(Copy DVD to DVD) to burn. This is what I use and have not made one bad copy. I have an old Sony standalone dvd player and all my copies (most are +r) play fine. I find these two programs to be a stable pair.

Thanks for the help! One more thing…in regards to copying dvds. Once I decode the dvd, if I only want to put certain “.vob” files on the new disc (just the movie for example and not the extras) do I also need to put the .bup & .ifo files to?
For example, I wanted to copy the a concert movie onto a dvd for my son. The file is labeled VTS_01_0.VOB (then there are the number 1-7 in place of the last zero which I take it refer to the songs). Will I need to add the .ifo & .bup files that correspond to the VTS_01 file in the video_TS folder of Nero?
Lastly will I also need to add the VIDEO _TS.VOB and corresonding files?

The VIDEO_TS.VOB is the video manager and will contain any menu options that were present. The files VTS_01_0.VOB through VTS_01_7.VOB all make up one video title set (songs are not separated into their own files) so you will want to copy each of these. I suggest you copy any IFO and BUP files that correspond to the other files you are going to copy.

Does your older DVD player support DVD+R and DVD-R? If it doesn’t, maybe you could try the bit setting routine to make your burned disc appear to be a normal store bought DVD.