Where did Futureproof go?

Does anybody know where Futureproof is? I have not seen him reply to a post in a while. Please come back Futureproof, we all love you!!!

He is buzy because of some issues non of us wants to be confronted with.
Don’t ask.

you love him?? you should get some help.

Not in that kind of way.

ok, joining the ranks of iamrocket are you now? :slight_smile: More “fans”…

I’m here, I’m back (sort of), I’m OK. It’s some people around me who haven’t done too well. Thanks for the inquiry.

O hey, good to see you back. Now I know somebody will have an answer to any of my burning problems. :slight_smile:

Futureproof…I hope all is well…I wish you the best…