Where did all the Mitsubishi's go?



I've just moved states and "Mitsubishi Diamond Data 40x16x10 CD-RW Model DD161040-058" are commonly for sale here.

I search and search and can find very little on this drive.

No reviews, test etc.. just prices..
I'd like to buy from the local guy.. But really want to know a bit more about this drive.

I can find bucket loads of info for other drives.. but near nothing for that one..

It's in nero's compatible list. but not in most others. It's usually not listed in firmware pages etc...

it's home page here. http://www.mitsubishi-electric.com.au/PRODUCTS/COMPP/cdrw/dd161040-058.htm

any ideas?:confused:


In my opinion Mitsubishi blank cds are, by far, the best available.
Conversely their cd writers are, by far, the worst.


Oh… Darn!.

So, why is that so?