Where can you get Office 2007 extracted files?

When you download Microsoft Office 2007 and click on the downloaded file, it starts to extract files and says: “Extracting files…”, but it doesn’t say where they are.

Assuming you are not requesting help with an illegal download and you purchased a legal version online, the installation file should work without having to know where the installation files are.

However, if this is an illegal download, we cannot help you.

When you install Office 2007 (or Office 2003), it stores the extracted files in a hidden folder called “MSOCache” on the root of your operating system drive. You can reveal the folder by going into your operating drive in My Computer (usually drive ‘C’), go into the Tools menu and select “Folder Options”, click the ‘View’ tab and from the list of advanced settings, tick “Show hidden files and folders” and click ‘OK’. Don’t delete this folder, as it is required when ever Office applies any updates or service packs.

If you are trying to install office and it does not go further than this “Extracting files…” screen, you likely have a damaged download. The best thing to do in this case is go back on to Microsoft’s website to the location where you downloaded Office 2007 (log on with your Windows Live ID) and download it again. As far as I’m aware of, Microsoft sends an e-mail with a link to the download page, at least when requesting their Office 2007 60-day trial package.

Dear Sean,

Thanks for the answer. I followed your instruction, but I couldn’t find the folder called “MSOCache”. Where is it, exactly? Please guide me.
Thanks in advance.

On my system, it’s on the root directory of my ‘C’ drive.

Try clicking Start -> Run, type in the following and click “OK”:


This will also bring up that folder. If this gives an error, then there’s something wrong with the package you’ve downloaded.

Another likely place the temporary files could be extracted to is the temp folder. You can open this folder by clicking start -> run, type in “%temp%” and click “OK”. Sort the content by “Modified” and if the extracted files end up here, it will be one of the last folders listed.

If you would like to try extracting the main package file manually, first install 7-zip (download link), which is a very good freeware archive extraction utility. Once 7-zip is installed, right-click on your downloaded Office installation package, go into the “7-zip” sub-menu, select “Extract Files…” and specify where you would like to extract the contents to.

Thanks a million for the detailed answer! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: