Where can you find the latest official firmware for the 2510 model?!




Where can you download the official latest firmware for the 2510, cause I can’t find it anywhere? I only found info about firmware for the 2500 model, but what about the 2510?!!!


The latest 2510a fw is 2.15 And its around if know where to look.



Thanks! Is 2.15 the firmware that ships with the 2510 drive, so there haven’t been released any updates, or is this an updated firmware?!

PS: why is this info not on any of the NEC sites?


There are no updates 2.15 is the latest fw

Nec is not known for updating fw to the web sites quickly.


NEC does not sell retail products, all NEC drives come through OEM’s, so NEC does not really have to provide any support.


Thanks for the replies, but can anybody tell me if 2.15 is the firmware that ships with the 2510 cause I believe I have also seen an older firmware but it could have been for another model.

Also, is there any way to check which firmware version you have?



the nec 2510a has so far shipped with k0p2, 2.08 and 2.15 this being the latest.

nero tools will tell you, also dvdinfo pro will tell you what fw you have



Thanks for the info! By the way, what is “k0p2”???


KOP2 was first 2510a fw , released then 2.08 then 2.15 some people think KOp2 may have been beta fw that was released on very small number of drives in Europe


I forgot to aks, but what does 2.15 add compared to the previous firmware? What did it fix, add, etc…? Aren’t there any release notes, how can we know otherwise??


2.15 is the First, and only ofiicial release until now, no previous.



K02P was a pre release beta version (with some bugs: LED, Tray)
There is no 2.08, but a 2.04. This has been reported to be the first official release, but most drives come with 2.15 now.