Where can I upload MultiMedia Fusion?



Ok I'm going to upload the full version of multimedia fusion. Any suggestions where I should do it? I don't think Xoom is a good place for it, so any suggestions?


How big is the program? If it’s less than 50 megs, then I would suggest that you upload it to www.freedrive.com Create an account there, upload the files, then “share” your drive with other users that have a Freedrive account.

Signing up with freedrive requires an email, for which they will spam you with emails every so often. I suggest you open up an email account with yahoo or hotmail and use that email account when you open up a freedrive account.


You should also try iDrive.com.
it’s a goodway to do it…

Especially cause last time I was on FreeDrive, I couldn’t share my drive with some other user…
MAy be ther’s a problem with me…