Where can I report a Website

I was sent a spam mail and wish to report a website for having girls, that are children, obviously around 7-10yrs old and it is just f*cking disguisting.

Things like this piss me off.

If anyone can direct me I would appreciate it.

Hrmmm well if it’s in the US, I believe you can report it to the FBI.

If it’s not in the US, report it to the FBI, they’ll know who else to contact :wink:


I just read about how they handle that here, in Belgium. We have to report it to the cops, they have a special computercrime unit. They contact the authorities were the server is based (mostly in Asia). But if the local police don’t take action, nothing changes.

go to your local police, they will sort it out. can you send me the email adress the spam was from so i can track it, i may be hoste din somewhere like asia or russia wheras then its harder to block. ben :frowning: