Where can i re-download my dvd fab express software?

bought a new computer today since my old one died. where can i go to download my dvd fab express software onto my new computer?


the link leads me to gold or platinum, i did not see express???

Hi aquaholic

The DvDFab express is no more it is now the Gold. You will need to download the Gold and update your express key to the Gold key. The update key is free for pepole that have the full express fab. You will need to use the e-mail address that you used to buy the express key with so you can get the new Gold key for free. That’s what i had to do now that express is dead. This link will help i think. www.dvdfab.com/retrieveregkey.htm

Express v.2 owners receive a free upgrade to gold v.3, whereas platinum v.2 owners upgrade to platinum v.3. The old express v.2 is no longer available from Fengtao.

Your old key will not work, but Fengtao will email a v.3 key; be certain you provide the same email address as you used for the original purchase.
Here’s the link:

Oops, guess I’m redundant here… :iagree:

i did do that and it did work. thanks for the replies guys. i really appreciate the guidance. this forum is great.