Where can I purchase Fuji DVD-RW 4x for cheapest in Vancouver, B.C?



Radioshack seems to have them for the lowest price, but they’re all sold out. Staples has 5 of them for $25. It’s a bit over priced…I heard these are one of the better DVD-RW’s and I was wondering where else can I purchase them for a low price? I prefer to purchase these locally. Any other good brands besides the Fuji’s then if they’re not the “best”?


The Sony/RicohJpn W11 (4X DVD+RW) works great in my NEC 3500. The disc is made in Taiwan with a lifetime warranty. Burned about 40 times on one disc. Still going strong. I use the quick format to wipe the disc prior to re-use.

I believe the Fuji +RWs are also RicohJpn W11 discs.

Local Target has 2 for $5.50 US.


Are those the same discs as the Fuji ones? I don’t really want DVD+RW, but is the DVD-RW from Sony also made by Ricoh?


Same as the Fuji +RWs. Have not seen any Sony DVD-RW.