Where can I post a question?

I don’t want to get banned. I’ve already been warned so I’m trying to learn one step at a time. Where can I get help with my cd.dvd drives gone bad? John.

Tell us the Manufacturer. (Pioneer,LG,…).

[QUOTE=B4B;2306822]Tell us the Manufacturer. (Pioneer,LG,…).[/QUOTE]

Well, that’s the thing… I bought it about 3 years ago and I can’t find any of the original packaging or installing disc… I just have the machine.

HP Media center pc m376n
it’s got

F: dvd burner
E: cd burner

C: root

@ jf3030,

Access ‘Device Manager’ by double-clicking on the System Icon in Control Panel, choosing the Hardware tab, and clicking ‘Device Manager’. Once in ‘Device Manager’ click on DVD/CD-ROM Drives and the Name and Model of your DVD and CD Burner will be displayed.

The below Web Page Link “How do I get into Windows Device Manager” will also detail how to access the Device Manager.

Also when in “DVD/CD-ROM Drives” are the any Yellow or Red “Explanation Marks” displayed in front of the Name and Model of your DVD and CD Burner? If so ‘Right Click’ on the item and then ‘Left Click’ on ‘Properties’ and under ‘Device Status’ provide the ‘Error Code’ that is displayed.