Where can I get TY or Richo media in Oz?

Just a quick one for all you Aussies?
Where I can I get hold of some TY or Richo DVD+R discs in Oz?
Does anyone have any idea what labels they are sold under here? From what I can see it is a bit of a lottery as to what you get.
The best burn I ever got was with the Richo disc that came with my burner but I wouldn’t have any idea what they are badged as here.
Same with the TY media that you read so much about.
It would be really nice if we could have a sticky for where to buy Aussie media don’t you think?


I very highly recommend www.rimedia.com.au

They sell Ritek (which often, but not always, turns out to be ricoh media). There prices are the best I’ve found, dealt with them many times, and probably be best value for money blank DVD media in Australia, without sacrificing too much quality. I usually buy Ritek 4x DVD+R, 50 spindles, and they turn out to be either Richohjpnr01 or Ritek R02, either way, burn very well in my ND-2500.

There are one or two places I’ve found selling TY media in AUS, but the price was too expensive for any reasonable person to consider using that media.


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  2. The manufacturer/media is called Ricoh[/COLOR]

My apologies.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Ricoh is fine with me too. I bought a spindle of 25 Riteks the other day from MSY but they turned out to be R02s - they’re okay but not in the same league as the Ricoh’s.

This really bugs me. If you buy them - you should be guaranteed of what you are getting!

If anyone is interested TDK +R 8x 25 disc spindles are in fact Ricohjpnr02. Dick Smith has these for $33.72 but I priced matched mine with a discount for $31.00 at Bing Lee.
The Good Guys has Ricoh branded spindles but beware because they contain only 20 discs. Again Ricohjpnr02 which I got for $25.00 per spindle.
Haven’t come across any TY+R discs yet.
Anyone care to add to this - it’d be nice to get a sticky going so we can keep an eye on Oz prices?

Already been done revhead :wink: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=89302