Where can i get tayio yuden dvd's

probaly the wrong forum but where van i get these disc’s here in holland

coult some body help me with this

Try here

Or here

I was in Staples Today and they had a sale on Fujifilm colored DVDs. Three packs of ten each yellow. red and blue all Made in Japan Taiyo Yuden 000-T02-000 8x media. 17.94 for 30. EDIT: I missed the fact that you are in Holland . Sorry.

Most dvd’s from online shops in the Netherlands come from Germany. I always order my TY media from os-mediatrade.de, but I am currently having a problem with this shop. They sent me a wrong item and have not responded to three e-mails in over a week… so, sadly, I can not recommend them.
If you use one of the other shops mentioned, look for Fuji and check user comments or info to see if it is TY media.

Agree with you Xterminator, Os-mediatrade have real TY media but the customer support
is not the best and it takes a long time to get your media.
Better is gropp-shop, also you
can find Fuji branded TY at guenstig-brennen


www.os-mediatrade.de also sent me the wrong item. I wouldn’t recommend them either.

I’m buying from svp.co.uk instead.

I just recieved an apology from os-mediatrade, saying they had a problem with a new spamkiller… They will rectify the situation a.s.a.p. and let me keep the wrong item (a 50 pcs spindle). Good enough for me. :slight_smile:
Thanks to rapid fire and jegus for the other addresses, it never hurts to have options. (Not sure how an English shop will work out from Holland.)

check here: http://www.meritline.com. Pretty good pricing too.

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  1. If you look at where he was located you would see that he is in Holland so US sites won’t help at all. 2. Take a look at meritline’s reputation you might think twice before ordering from them again. www.resellerratings.com

SVP (UK) ships to Holland for about 10 euros. http://www.svp.co.uk.
Shipping time is around 3 business days.

They have genuine TYs and prices have just dropped last week.

Very friendly customer service.

I placed my first order to SVP from Holland on wednesday around noon, recieved confirmation of shipment that same evening, and just recieved my parcel (friday 13:15 pm). Neatly packaged, using what appears to be a good delivery service (DPD). Shipment was 10.88 euro, as mentioned by Francksoy.
So far, a refreshing experience. :slight_smile:

I am also from Holland and would like to buy stuff from SVP. But Xterminator could you tell me which payment option you have used??
I prefer a cheque or postal order (don’t have a credit card or paypal account), but they mention that you have to pay in GBP in stead of Euros…
Or should I borrow my mom’s creditcard :stuck_out_tongue: )

Greetings Pam!

I use paypal, but creditcard should work just as well (if you can get your hands on one :wink: ). Other methods are much too complicated.

So much options but most require CC.
For Dutch people who don’t have a credit card and want TY check www.cdrwinkel.com
You can pay at cdrwinkel just through your bank account.
Also Opusshop is nice to keep in mind but at this moment they don’t have any Taiyo yuden DVD recordables.
And cdfreakswebstore/romstore currently sells genuine Plextor Taiyo yudens do not take the MAM-E disc’s with the FAKE TAIYO YUDEN CODE in the case you are looking for Taiyo Yuden at cdfreakswebstore/romstore.
Also I think that cdrwinkel has a better deal on the plextor taiyo yuden disc’s.

I know SVP is a little cheaper and we as Dutch folks allways want to get the best deal but for SVP you need a Credit Card or Paypal if I’m correct.

Okay, thanx for the info.
Normally I buy from DDVD, but now I want the Verbatim’s with the Yuden code.
A friend of mine also want’s stuff from SVP and he has got a Creditcard… So that’s the best option then!

Good idea, that way you can share the shipping cost of about 10 euro.