Where can i get some Ricoh's?

Im fed up with my riteks and i have heard great things about ricoh’s but i dont know how to recognize them. I dont think memorex uses them anymore. can anybody provide me with a link or something? thanks!

Go down to BestBuy, or whoever has Memorex on sale, and look for the cakeboxes with a rounded upper edge instead of the sharp vertical lip. Look at the Fuji 50-ct spindles to see what I mean
OR just buy Fuji. Maxell +R and TDK +R are also likely to be Ricoh.

thanks ill try that!

or go to amazon, there you can directly buy Ricoh DVD’s

the Sony +R 25 pack i just got from compusa was RICOHJPNR01

how can you get me a link to the amazon ricoh’s? i didnt even know you could buy ricohs directly

newegg has some riteks that are RICOHJPNR01 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-132-308&depa=0

No, RiData-branded discs should all be RITEK and not RICOH now (probably because Ritek puts in less quality control into its own branded discs and thus can sell them for less cost).

The Fuji +R discs being sold by Newegg should be Ricohs.

DOH!!! Should have joined this forum sooner…wahhhhhh:’(

The 2.4X Ridata linked above are not Ricohjpnr01.
These 4x Ridata are Ricohjpnr01 according to many customers:

But for a few dollars more you might want to get the Samsung +R from Newegg which were reported as being TY+R media: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-131-223&depa=0

yea whops, i posted the wrong link, yea, that’s wut i heard too, that they are ricoh, the 4x ones