Where can I get old 2k5107b9a.rar

Looking for 2k5107b9a.rar to play with for +rw.




Thank you for the reply but let me rephrase my request:

Greetings and best wishes to Herrie and those of you that work so hard for the benefit of the 2500a owners!

I am looking to get a copy of the older Beta9 firmware ( 2k5107b9a.rar ) to use with a specific media that is not included in any other firmware that I know of. The links to this version (http://herrie.rpc1.org/downloads/2k5107b9a.rar) have been dead for some time and I was hoping that someone who has this file in their possesion would be kind enough to share it with me. if there is another working link in the original 24 page locked thread on rpc1.org, I apologise for not seeing it.

Many thanks,


Go to http://filemirrors.com and search for it you may get lucky.

That’s a neat resource! And by-golly, it’s there!

Thanks BlackWolf :slight_smile:


I checked before I suggested it and knew it was there. I would have made some arrangement to send it to you if it was gone by the time you searched. I guess I wont need to do that now. That site can be quite useful sometimes.

That was quite considerate of you :slight_smile: I have been happily busy burning and testing at 4x now with the OPTIDISCOP4 media. All the burns have passed the verify stage with Nero and RecordNow Max and the read curves have been smooth in CDSpeed (unfortunately CDSpeed reports the Logical Block Address Outside of Range error at the end and I am looking into that.).

I only hope this media makes it back into the later firmwares.

I would also like to thank n4pur for emailing me the file.

I’m a happy camper,