Where can i get nec 3500 herrie's 2.17 firmware?



Hi to everybody! Since herrie’s site is down, where can i get the last 2.17 firmware for nec 3500 to use bitsetting? Can someone e-mail it me? (e_m_c_2@fastwebnet.it) Thanks


You got mail. In the future never mention you’re e-mail address here if you want a spam-free life :cop:


Really really thank you. I’ll remember your advice but i didn’t know another way to let others know my email address. Bye :slight_smile:


This way or by pm


Email it to me too plz :slight_smile:


I’m also needing the firmware, if you could send it to me also. thanks


I’ve been using several firmwares on my 3500AG, including MadDog 2.F8 and TDB patched 3500A 2.F8, but not satisfied so far. So, you guess it, I’d like to give Herrie’s 2.17 a try (I’ve been very satisfied with my 2510A@2k5107v2b5dl so I’m trusting Herrie’s mods/hacks greatly).

If someone can send it to me by e-mail, I’ll put it on one of my homepages and post a link, so others can download it easily too!


By the way, Herrie WHERE ARE YOU?

I understand that some lame script-kiddie has hacked and/or defaced Herrie’s site. I don’t understand why, because it is just a page for a limited audience (only NEC users or would-be NEC users), so as a script-kiddie, you won’t make a great impression…

But why does it take so long before Herrie.org is back online? I would greatly regret it (and many others with me) when this lame action has caused Herrie to stop his efforts…


Can someone send it to me as well? DOS or WINDOWS is fine!
I can also post it on my webpage ( www.espen.se ) along with the dos-cd untill harries site get back up.




Thanx man, great! I’ll give it a try!


I get only 6x Dvd with Herrie`s firmware, that cant be right ?? :confused:


Can someone pretty please mail it to me as well?
(happy now pinto2?)


My god… Herrie 2.17 for 3500