Where can I get my hands on a Plextor Premium CD Burner Drive!?!?!?!?

I need it… I want it… Can’t find it… need help… PLEASE :sad: :sad:

Ok like an adult now… hrm… I would like to obtain a plextor premium (aka plexwriter premium) cd burning drive (y’know the one with the gigarec function) but after e-mailing the american destributor (sales@plextor.com ithink this is the address I sent the e-mail to) I found out that the plexwriter premium is no longer being made… and I really wanted that drive… Can anyone help me find a site which sells this drive… (I’m not living in the US, i’m in the PT, but I don’t think that matters… right?)… please help…

You can always try good old eBay!

Also search “FROOGLE.COM”. You might get lucky and find a new or refurb.

what is so good about the Plextor Premium CD Burners?

The Plextor Premium, the old Yamaha F1, and a few of the other old CDRW’s were very good at copying almost any CD. Mostly due to high quality error correction, ability to retry reads multiple times, etc…

And having been built by plextor they will still be working years from now, long after other brand CDRW’s have bit the dust.

Yamaha CD-RWs (also CD-Rs) are good enough too.

my premium works without a single error since jun. 2003.
two and a half year - very nice, and quality of reading and writing is still as good as it was when it was new. and i used it MUCH. ok, i still use it much, but less for data, and more for audio…
i like my plextor. :iagree:

I wouldn’t trade any of my nec dvd burners for 2 of the plex premium
cd writters, and I have had quite a few! Whatever I have tested, the
NEC’s do better, and digitizing karaoke was the hardest test, ripping mp3’s the easiest.
The plexs do hold up, 500-1000 burns on some.

Try Micro Center on line, last time I looked(about a week ago) they had some in stock.

Just checked the site, I don’t see them anymore, sorry.