Where can i get BWA file for Frozen Throne?

where can i get a BWA file for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne? thx.


I looked at the BWA graph, is that a successful one?

yup looks awesome to me.
i made one like that for my backup and it worked perfect.

how u made it? I just tried to burn an image and put the BWA file in the same folder and used DAemon Tool, but it didn’t work, so do I have to burn it on a cd to make it work?

I used the Twinpeak method to burn to a cd but after all , it didn’t work, so can anyone help me? thx.

I just copied 2 copies with that BWA… and yes it works perfectly under my Lit-on 52327s… but with my LG 52x it works too, but it seems it has hard time reading it… sometimes give me error when I put the CD in… but hey, funny thing is even with my real frozen throne CD, it sometimes pop error too in my LG 52x… so yeah… the copies should be a perfect copy… (oh both CDs works for installation too)