Where can i get BTC Nero version 6.0.16?

I have asked this questoin twice in my other post to only get replys from poeple ignoring the question or not reading the full body of text and just reply with nothing of value or info i already know.

I have started a new thread with the question. So that way no one has to read the actual text (not that many of you will anyway) and hopefully get a reply on where i could get this? ftp? post in newsgroups? anything.


why do you want this version and not the latest ???


Because Nero 6.0.16 supports changing of the book type for btc drives without the need of dvdbitset tool.

In my other post i explain how burning images with nero using the dvdbitset tool makes the drive disapear in nero. The latest nero will not let me change book type setting for my btc drive… Only the Nero packaged with the btc drive will. which i do not have.

i don´t know were you can download this version, but have you tried to search in an p2p network like emule or kazaa, have you asked this question in the recording software forum ??


Another possible alternative is to try the latest version of DVDInfoPro (v2.36) which has beta support for bitsetting on BTC drives. Maybe it won’t cause your drives to “disappear?”