Where can I get a Playstation game copy program?

Where can I get one?

I know they exist.

You can use lots of different programs for this.
Just don’t expect games to work if you don’t have a mod chip. There’s CDRWIN (hptt://www.goldenhawk.com), there’s also CloneCD (sorry, can’t remember URL). These are the two that are used most often, I prefer CloneCD.


you can use cdrwin, or use nero burning rom, it’s better than clonecd and about the same as cdrwin. the URLs are below:

get them all at www.cdrsoft.net or the official sites are:

cdrwin - www.goldenhawk.com
nero 5 - www.ahead.de
clonecd - www.elby.de

PSX Copy 6.2

PSX Backup 4.8 English

CDRWin 3.8A

Prassi PrimoCD 1.1.297

DiskJuggler 2.0.419

I always use WinOnCd 4 psx copy! But U can use any of the other mentioned progs as well!


I Use for PSX
*Clone cd
*CDRWin,When the game must be patched
*Blind read,When the original is demmaged(Only for reading the cd)

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial”>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Vinculum:
[b]PSX Copy 6.2

PSX Backup 4.8 English


Wher can I get those?

You can them ALL, at www.cdrsoft.net … They are quite well supplied…