Where can I get a DVD-R logo in a file format?



I would like to able to add a DVD-R logo on my dvds? I have a epson r200 printer that does direct print to dvd/cd, but I would like to add a dvd-r logo on them. Where I can one?




Place a blank DVD-R disc label side down on a scanner :slight_smile:

Remember that the DVD-R logo is copyrighted and there are very strict rules on how, where, and by whom it may be used.




If it’s not for public display, sale or hire, then for practical purposes, you could put the DVD logo on a compilation of pictures, set to a collection of music ripped from CD.

Ok, I’m being flippant, but there is a big difference between what you could “get away with” in private (and what many would claim is “fair use”), and what you would have to comply with in public.


I think he can use the logo without any problems for his own personal use. :slight_smile:

For commerial / business uses, see here: http://www.dvdfllc.co.jp/