Where can I get a dvd burner for my dad's Dell e1705 laptop?

My dad bought his Dell e1705 with a combo drive.

Anyone know where I can get a reasonably priced dvd burner that will fit appropriately in the Dell and work seamlessly?

More generally, what are the recommended laptop burners now (brands and specific models)?

NewEgg is where I’d look.

Any particular brand and specific model?

That’s not so simple. You have to buy a drive that has the same settings as the original drive. So if the original drive is set to slave you have to buy a dvd-rw that is set to slave too. Because there are no jumpers on a notebook drive and because there are 4 different settings for notebook drives not every drive will work.

Wow, didn’t know that.

does Dell not use cable select on their drives, or is that just in desk tops

With notebooks all is different. If I remember correctly there are CS and “inverse CS” models available. Really confusing.

If the notebook is new enough, I would consider getting some external USB or Firewire drive instead. With these, there is at least a slight chance to get newer firmware…


cheers for clearing that up with me