Where can I get a BetaBlocker?

First off, what on earth is one…second, are there all different kinds and versions of betablockers, or is there just one? (ie Clony)

Any info anyone could render about where to find, how to use, and what to use on would be greatly appreciated!

There’s only one BetaBlocker but it comes in different languages. You can download it from www.ghostcdr.com To read more about how to use it and what it does check out my SafeDisc 2 article.

BetaBlocker is only use to defeat the SafeDisc 2 protection by patching CloneCD images. However since some time now CloneCD has a build-in new option called Amplify Weak Sectors (more info) which does the same thing as BB. I suggest you use AWS instead if it works in your country (disabled for the US and Japan).


like G@M3FR3@K said try AWS option I had
more luck copying SD2 games with AWS than
with batablocker