Where can I get a BenQ DW-1640 black?

i saw them at NCIX for $64 but seems a little high when newegg is selling NEC 3540s for $40. Is there anywhere cheaper or do I have to keep waiting??
thanks!! :stuck_out_tongue:


$44 when you use that link.

oh that is so sweet thank you!! :clap:
ordered… :iagree:

I tried that link and searching around the site when I try to add it to my cart it doesn’t work Firefox says no data so I tried MS Exploder and it doesn’t work either. Get a page not found. Does this happen often with them? I tried ordering one before for $51.50 and it didn’t work then either. Strange … Would really like to get one for that price.

The link to NCIX for BenQ 1640 @ $44.07 is working, just tried it, and it did get me the check out section.

Keep trying, its didn’t work at first, but the third tome clicking the link - it worked.

Well it must like you better. There must have been something wrong with the secure side of the server. I did finally get in and get one but had to click over 100 TIMES to get it to work. Once in it was fine. Thought shipping was a little steep but it is coming from canada. $60.39 total price with shipping. Now I can move my 1620 to the secondary machine and not have to files over the network for burning. And to think I used to like necs.