Where can I found a good DVD +/- R media?

Hi there, this is the first time I post my thread, hopes I didn’t break the rules
I’m the new user here, I have tried Great Quality DVD-R , 8x and MATRIX DVD +/-R, 4x~8x.
The recording speed is quite stable and very affordable price.
Can anybody tell me what is Media ID stand for ? and is the Media ID necessary the same with the brand of the products.

Any others good OEM DVD +/-R , competitive price available and where can I get it.

The media ID is the “name” of the media, as the drive sees it, and sets the strategy and speeds the drive will use.

The same “brand” of media may switch between different codes, and a different code WILL burn differently - could be better, could be worse.

The same code is also found on media of several brands and qualities, and even on outright fakes. One example, all G04 (a popular Ritek code) media is not created equal.

Basically, it’s a minefield - good luck to those who have a source of “always good” media (like genuine TY) at a sensible price.
The other issue is the drive - some drives can get decent results in media that other drive users cannot - one constant, if the maker of the drive started on the DVD-R track, their dual drives tend to be better with -R, while if they started with +R, their dual drives usually favour that.

If you find a reasonably priced media that works well for you, then stay with it, if you try to go even cheaper, you could end up throwing them away!