Where can I find...?



Can someone tell me of a site where I can find WORKING links to 3D Studio MAX R2 or R3, not FTP web links, with out a lot of popups or porn?
I know it is hard to find those types of sites, that is why I toke a break from looking to post here, thanks to all that help.


Try www.ShadowKasters.com


3D Studio MAX 3.1 http://cg1.uhome.net/%7Enetdbz/appz/3smr.htm

3D Studio Max 1.2


UptownChirs: the the link you posted to Max 3.1 it says it is only 44 mb I thought MAX was large, i.e. 150mb how can this be?


Most likley compressed.

WebMaster of ShadowKasters NY