Where can I find VCD games?



I bought a dvd and it came with nintendo games. where can I find more games in VCD or SVCD format?
Can someone please tell me?
How do I burn them, so I can play it on my DVD?


I doubt they are not copyrighted.


AFAIK (As Far As I Know) there are no games whatsoever on VCD or SVCD format, especially not from Nintendo. Nintendo produces all their own media and it’s on cartdridge (DS and back), GameCube Mini-DVD or Wii-DVD.

Perhaps you have obtained a DVD-ROM disc, playable in a PC DVD player and it contains a lot of ROM files. These can be played with an emulator such as MAME and are highly illegal.

The only old thing close to resembling the VCD format are the ye olde Philips CD-I games. These are somewhat in the MPEG2 style. Forget those. It’s crap, expensive and rare.

The only actual thing close to resemble playing games on a normal dvd player are those interactive tv games like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.


I’m closing this as the benefit of the doubt can’t really be given any more.

@yefet: If you have information which is convincing that these games are legally distributed, then please PM me.

Thread closed.