Where can i find TYG11?

they’re yuden dvd-r dl media

In Japan? :stuck_out_tongue: Ok that’s a half serious comment, if you live in the U.S. as I think you do, I’ve never heard of it here and I don’t think that they are distributed much elsewhere either. Burn quality/firmware support is not very good from what I’ve seen, along with the fact that compatibility with standalone players is much lower with -R DL than +R DL.

I wouldnt use DVD-R DL for PC drives because firmware strategy and burn quality is not that good compared to DVD+R DL like scoobiedoobie says. The only situation where I would recommend DVD-R DL is if you have a standalone recorder which only takes DVD-R DL for recording to Dl discs. If your standalone takes both - and +R DLs I would go with the + flavour.

It is sold as That’s 8x DVD-R DL and Maxell 8x DVD-R DL.
Maybe Maxell will sell those 8x DVD-R DL in other countries? (Haven’t seen any though.)

TDK and Victor (JVC) also have MIJ DVD-R DL on the market. These should be TY too.