Where can I find the .bin firmware for a LiteOn 32123S drive?

I want to flash my TDK 321040B drive to its corresponding LiteOn 32123S firmware.

Unfortunately, I can not find the firmware for this drive anywhere.

Can someone please give me a link to it or make a copy of it for me from mktflash? I would really appreciate it if you could, as I am getting desperate.

All I was able to find was XSU1 firmware, but I don’t want to overclock my drive just yet.

alexnoe’s archive.

Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

One other thing, how long should mtkflash take to read out my drive’s current firmware? There is no percentage guage or anything. I estimate that it has been going for about 7 minutes now.

Edit: Neither the cd-rw drive’s nor the floppy drive’s LEDs are on. The drives show no signs of activity.

it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. I kind of forget… maybe i’ll go do it and time it…

It turns out that I was using the wrong IDE channel. Everything is all good now.