Where can I find the .bin file for this flash?

Where can I find the .bin file for this flash? I want to use a different flasher cause I Xflashed my Lite-on to a BENQ and for some reason it won’t let me Xflash it back.

It is an OEM Lite-On and still shows as much with the EEPROM backup tool. I’ve tried “reverting” back to the old EEPROM as well.

Just need some direction, tia. :wink:


Hi, - you’ll have to wait till it’s up on codeguys.rpc1.org (or use one of the older versions there first - the current [B]Flash Utility[/B] doesn’t require a .bin, it works with unscrambled .exe’s as well)

Forgot to mention which .bin I needed. GLOH for the Lite-On LH18A1P. :o Or anything really that will show that I have a LH-18A1P again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the GLOH .exe flasher but need the .bin file so I can flash this thing back to a LITE-ON drive. I hope that I’m not stuck with a cross-flashed BENQ since Lite-On seems to be “updating” the f/w for these drives for now. :slight_smile:


You need the latest [B]EEPROM Utility[/B] to convert back to Lite-On and the latest [B]Flash Utility[/B] to put on the firmware you want (.bin or unscrambled .exe).

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Greensman_2, Cressida is correct. Just select “*.exe” from the “Files of type” drop-down list in the open dialog of the Flash Utility to flash using an exe flasher file. :wink:

I’ll be releasing a new version soon that has “.bin;.exe” as the default, to avoid this confusion in future. :wink:

Why not just a .bin file without the semicolon? :stuck_out_tongue: no mistakes please.

the semicolon works as a serperator, me think :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s correct. Displays all of the BIN and EXE files found in the folder. .bin would display all files with an extension starting with BIN. :wink:

Gotcha :doh:

Thanks guys for the information. :slight_smile: For some reason there wasn’t an email notification sent on this thread. Heck I even forgot that I posted it. LOL. I got it going after I downloaded the NEWER versions of the eeprom and flasher utilities. :o

Used the Xflash utility to “extract” the .bin file from an older f/w C0deKing provided. :slight_smile: Then flashed the drive with that “file”. After that and making sure my PC indicated I indeed had a Lite-On again. I then flashed it with the stock GLOH f/w. NO problems what soever. Yeah!!

A few days ago I d/l the new addition that CK gave us for the the LH-18A1P and she’s working like the champ she should be. hehehe. YEAH for CK!!!

Thanks for your help people. :bigsmile:

CK u da man… :iagree: