Where can I find the best DVD+R media for LIteon 411s (811s) in U.S

The cheapest place to find it, What is the best media? What online store?

newegg.com - ritek dvd blanks

Weekly sale aside, Officemax’s 100 ARITA 4x DVD+R is cheapest at $89.99. No hassle of waiting for mail, if you need it quick. With tax it’s may be same price with Ritek, unless you live in CA where newegg also charge tax.

Of course, you want to take chances, couple places are selling low quality discs at much cheaper price.

officemax is going to have ridata 100PK +R 89.99-12 MIR and possibly 20 MIR also next week. i think they will burn @8 like the ricohjpn01’s but look mucho better in the media forum than the ricohs

There’s one answer to this question that’s always right, no matter what burner you have.


Don’t get too caught up in price. It’s worth a lot to have 100% success and compatability.