Where can I find some cheap dual layer discs?

I just switched from a dvd+R burner to a dual layer burner. I looked through all of the ads but didn’t see any dual layers on sale. Any help?

Also is there a certain brand I should buy? I had to find out through trial and error that the sony’s were the best for my old burning.

Verbatim +R DL , I wouldn’t bother with anything else.

^ seconded.

There is no such thing as a cheap DL discs.

DL discs are expensive, and there is no way around it… If you do choose to buy DL discs make sure they are Verbatim.

I concur 100%. The best deals on Verbatim are the in-store specials on the 10 packs (usually 10 for $20). If you cannot wait for these however, take a look at www.newegg.com or www.rima.com.

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