Where can I find older versions of "DVD-Ranger CinEx HD"?



The latest version has introduced terrible lyp-synch problems, for me anyway.

After DVD-Ranger cinexHD has done its job, I have to run the resulting video through MKVtoolNIX and set the audio between -300/500 delay to get the audio back in synch!
I was gonna asked on the official forums, but there are hardly any posts on there at all, so thought I could find an answer on here.

P.S. One other thing that baffles me. Why is there no pass-through option on the video side of things? After all, this tool is all about replacing the audio, so a direct copy of the video would speed things up considerably!


Firstly the Official Support Forum has a section for these questions and it appears , yours would be the first on this type issue.

CinEx Sound Touch Beta Iissues


DVDRanger CinEx HD issue


!: If Is this just a audio replace software how an unsync can happen.

2: CinEx HD Utility does Video, Audio, Subtitle Pass through just decode and encode selected Cinavia audio.

3: Why didn’t you do an easy support request`? In the Official Support Forum or DVDRanger web site


I assume you have a different log in in the Official Support Forum I find no record of your visit of this search for help?


4: What title BD or DVD

5: Is the title in the Database

6: Did you use CrossMapping

a lot of questions need to be answered for your situation.


Its all good now matey! Done a re-install yesterday night. Usually do one every so often, but ain’t done one since April!!!

Thanks for the heads-up on that “CinEx HD Utility” tool, never looked into that before :wink:


glad to hear