Where can I find Multiple dvd cases?

Hi, any one knows where can I find Multiple dvd cases, like Quadruple, Quintuple or Sextuple DVD Cases, time ago I saw cases like that in supermediastore, but right now that are out stock like 3 or 4 months ago!!!
Thx for your time!!!


i’m pretty sure that’s the site. they have great prices. they do have a minimum order requirement of about $25 i think so be prepared to buy in bulk. their media is overpriced, but their single dvd case prices can’t be beat. if you only need a few m ultiples, fill up the rest of the order with single cases to make the minimum order amount then sell them on ebay.

i’ve never checked ebay for multiple cases. the going prices for single are never THAT spectacular, so I imagine multiples will be overpriced as well.

they’re currently having a buy one get 1 free sale on the double cases if you need any of those!

Shipping is sort of high, but they’ve never ripped me off…face it, you’re buying something that’s pretty awkward to ship when you have to buy a few hundred cases. a $25 order usually ends up around $35-$40 after shipping is added. for about 200 cases at that price though even including shiping you’re paying $.20/case (estimate based on sincle case price of ~$.12 a piece)

Check out this site

They go up to 12 disc cases. Descent prices too.

Have placed several orders with http://www.usplastic.com/catalog/category.asp?catalog_name=USPlastic&Category_Name=19338&Page=1
Good quality and fast ship. Located in Lima, Ohio.

www.rima.com has some too. Excelent service.


How do the various dvd cases mentioned above compare to Memorex DVD cases?

Also, what are good DVD inserts and printing software?

I buy them from www.effectuality.com. Their double, triple, and quadruple cases are the same thickness as a standard case. Their cases for 5, 6, 7, or 8 disks are about double the thickness of a regular case. And they sell printable inserts to fit their wide cases, in case you’re interested in those. I’ve ordered from them a few times and have received excellent service.

I bought some of the quads M lock style from american digital. I don’t really like it. When you put a dvd on it, and shake the case, it jiggles. It’s not locked in place securely like the push button kind. I hate the ones from supermediastore too. The ones where you place one disc ontop of the other. I’ve yet to find a quad case I like. I do like the double casings that supermediastore has though. Locks securely and doesn’t jiggle when you move it.

FWIW i buy cases for up to 10 discs from www.genesysdtp.com

I get mine UPS surface from their place in Connecticut to where I am in New Jersey overnight since I’m that close.

What I like the cases that hold 1, 2, 3 or 4 discs are standard thinkness. The other thing I like is that the discs can be released really easily. I ruined a disc on one case from staples that was hard to release so I like that these are easy to get the disc out of.

Good Luck

HI, it is Very Easy to find Multi/multiple DVD Cases in this website: http://www.media-packs.com

this is a Chinese manufacturer located in China offer full range of Media packaging products, as your request of 4 discs and 5 discs multiple dvd case are 18mm thicknesss an 22 mm thickness.

Meanwhile, they also offer ,DVD cases,CD Cases,DVD storage cases and other media packaging related products.

Good luck on your request.


I went to this site and found exactly what I’ve been looking for in months. Thanks a lot.