Where can I find lossless audio? (ape or flac)



Firstly, a word of thanks to those who have reponded to my first thread (which is now somewhere down the forums) and pointed me to eMule. :bow: I’ve managed to download a few archives (rar) of lossless audio and burned them into a cd. They don’t sound too bad and I’m looking forward to comparing them with the original CD’s.

Anyway, I would like to know if there’s any other p2p network/programe i could use to download such archives as downloading through eMule takes a long time. Somehow my download speed remains low (I’ve check the settings and stuff but it still doens’t help). My usual download speed with Kazaa is around 35kb/s but with eMule it’s just a mere 10kb/s. :confused:

Does anyone know of any other place to find lossless audio? Or is there a way to boost my eMule download speed?


all i can say is try binary news servers, and use a agent like newsbin to download them, most are in the monkey audio format and some flac.
are the groups if i remember right
each group holds over 100,000 posts so it takes a while to download the posts.


a site that sells cheap music is: http://www.allofmp3.com/
they sell music at $0.01 per MB, and you select any format you want it, loosey (MP3, wma, ogg), looseless (flac, wave, CDA)…