Where can I find Kodak gold cdrs in Mexico?

Hi guys,
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Anyone knows where can I find Kodak GOLD cdrs in Mexico ???
I fnot the kodaks GOLD than I’ll settle for the silver/golds or Mitsui GOLD.

probably nowhere, because Kodak ceased production of CD-Rs.

I didn’t know that there was internet in Mexico… :o

@skawn: Rude and unneeded commend, here at the forum we try to keep the environment friendly. Making comments of the sort based on your own ignorance and misunderstanding of other countries is not allowed in this forum, I believe. It’s a kind of racism and discrimination.

On the topic, I believe it will be hard to find. Even here, in Brazil, where we had loads and loads of the stuff they were substituted by some gold discs that look, feel and burn like kodak, (Even appears to have the same quality!) but are ATIP 97:27:00 and gold shiny top.