Where can I find information about what function has every cpu pin?



Someone told me that every pin in a processor has its own function. For example: a friend of mine had a processor with a missing pin and the screen had a greenish look when he hooked a CRT monitor. Nevertheless he had no problems with an LCD monitor. I ask this because I also have a processor with a missing pin and one of the memory sockets in my motherboard is not working. I just want to make sure if the problem is related with the processor or the motherboard. I already tried installing a working memory module in the socket and it doesn’t recognize it. Can somebody tell me where can I find a diagram about wich function has every pin in a SL6WF processor? Thanks in advance.


Is it correct you have a Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors 2.40 GHz? If this is tru you’ll find the pinning in the PDF linked on this page.


Your best info for that would the be the source ie bet for Intel or AMD site would be able to tell you those info without going to far into their patents.


Thanks to both of you. TM: the information is there but I don’t understand a word. How can I lear about it?