Where can i find drivers for Lite-on LTR 12102C?



My sister’s Lite-on LTR 12102C cd-rom stopped reading, we keep getting “Please insert CD Rom” error…
I have tried googling for a driver, couldnt find one, but found this site :slight_smile:
Please help! :slight_smile:

Palmchick :bow:


Windows does not need a driver for a CD-ROM drive. You could try to update the firmware and/or ide drivers, but there is a chance the drive has died.


Yes it does!!!
Windows will automatically load the generic cdrom.inf driver for optical drives.

No additional drivers are required.


What type of cd are you trying to play? is it a game or a music cd? If it isn’t reading all cds its possible the drive has failed; if its newer games or music cds, some newer cds have copy protection that are incompatible with some drives. You don’t need drivers because Windows has everything you need built-in. Try different cds and if they all won’t read it could be the drive. Reboot windows sometimes that helps