Where Can I find BSJB F/W for DW1640?

My new 1640 has BSJB firmware. I tried 1 burn and it was ok, but I’d like to try BSLB or BSMB to see if the performance is better with Fujifilm +R, 8x. If I have a problem, I’d like to be able to go back to BSJB. Anyone know where I can find the file to flash back to it, if I want to?

Also, any comments about BSLB or BSMB as they relate to +R would be appreciated.

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Try to search here the firmware. Simply select your drive model and download.

Regarding firmware results, read this threads, this thread

So far, its better or the same every time. I don’t hear of too many folks deciding to roll back.

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For BenQ f/w try here.
For RPC1 f/w here.
To make use of QSuite2.1 & all the facilities like Solid Burn/OverSpeed you need BSKB or later.

Excellent! Found the BSJB and will now read the threads you pointed to.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks. Good point about needing >= BSKB for Qsuite2.1. I plan to try that too.

You’re welcome

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Try this link for QSuite2.1 manual.

The Qsuite2.1 manual looks like what I need to get aquainted. Thanks! :iagree:

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