Where can I find "branded" Taiyo Yuden 52x CD-Rs online?

Does anyone know a website that sells branded taiyo yuden cdrs online? I’ve searched google and all the websites I visited don’t carry branded ty.

rima.com for unbranded.
bestbuy.com for branded (fujifilm). But you can’t be sure if you order online, stop by your local bestbuy and pick the Fujifilm 50packs made in Japan. Only 48x afaik.

Thanks, recently I bought 2 packs of 50 verbatim datalifeplus (Azo) 52x cd-rs from buy.com and this batch of discs been giving me alot of C2 and CU errors when I run it through nero and plextools. However I have these CMC (type6) discs disguised as Verbatims and these discs been giving me very good results. Very low C1 and no C2 and CU errors and I got them for $9 in packs of 50.

I guess what they say is true, expensive discs don’t mean good discs.

Yup, there is a difference between cheap and cheap quality. :wink: Anyways, as mentioned above www.rima.com has a good selection of CD-R/DVD-R/+R Taiyo Yuden discs.

“I guess what they say is true, expensive discs don’t mean good discs.”

I have to agree with this statement.

Also do not forget also that unbranded means no guarantee to product quality.


I remember awhile back ago my Plextor 48/24/48A (damn drive died within a year after I bought it) came with a 48x Taiyo Yuden CD-R it was branded with words on the surface like “That’s CDR” and “Aquaty Color”. On the bottom middle it says Taiyo Yuden Made in Japan. The surface of the disc is blue btw. I’ve been searching all over the web for the exact same disc that came with my Plextor drive but it’s no where to be found. All the TY discs I find online are are either shiny surface or white printable surface. Doesn’t TY have branded discs like Verbatim does? It would be nice if I can find a spindle of 50 or a 100 just like the one I got with my Plextor drive.

That’s CDR is Taiyo Yuden’s official brand. It is sold in the Far East market only. As far as I understand, there is no difference in quality between it and unbranded OEM Taiyo Yuden available here in the US.

Re-branded TY may be subject to mishandling, though - there have been complains about Fujifilm media, for example.

As for Verbatim DataLifePlus, it is top of the line media, second only to TY. The problem is with the drive/firmware, lower the burning speed and see for yourself. CMC may be a crapshoot - one batch may last 10 years, another six months. That’s why you pay extra for premium media - for the peace of mind.

How about far east and a bit south? We can get the branded TY CDR-S here in Australia and if bought in a spindle they are in fact quite cheap.

There is actaully an online store here that sells the dicscs and that does ship internationally, so if you really want the branded discs you can always give it a shot.

Here are the links:

And remember the prices displayed on the website are in Australian dollars

Thanks alot Katana_gari. I’ve been looking for these for a very long time. My only question is how come the discs look so poorly packaged and not in spindle cases? Have you ordered TY from this site before? Are the discs really packaged like the way it looks in the picture because in the picture the top disc looks taped.

I have experienced that first hand. I went through 3 spindles of 50 8x Fuji (TYG02) DVD-R discs that all had visible spotting in the dye. All of the actual TY media I have ordered from rima has NEVER had this issue. I think it’s a combination of handling and storage practices on the part of name brands that cause the extra problems. Even though Maxell manufacturers some of their own discs, I also had issues with them. Even fingerprint smudges on some of the discs.

Yeah, I prefer to stick with unbranded, “Direct from TY,” disks. I’ve watched people have problems with TY media code disks that I’m pretty sure weren’t fakes, adn i’d have to agree that passing product through a second set of hands adn printing stuff on them is ASKING for a higher failure rate. The TY 52X disks I ordered from rima are that light blue dye color, and seem to burn well on my 3500 at 32X.

I’ve noticed others commenting that they definately get better burns at 32X than at 48 or 52, so I’ve scrapped the idea of getting a combo or straight 52x32x52 writer as I’d planed so that I could write all the way out to 52X, as it looks like I’m going to be sticking to a 32X speed limit on the CD-R’s anyhow.


I don’t think having a branded surface printed on the discs is the problem, as TY has its own branded media in Japan (That’s) and those don’t seem to be having the problems we’ve seen with the various branded TY discs in the US. I do however think it’s a handling issue.

Here is the question though, does Fuji put their own labels on the discs, or does Taiyo Yuden do it for them? It stands to reason that if Fuji is doing the actual labeling on their discs, that they would be more prone to having problems. TY does have labeled discs (as you mentioned above) however, those usually don’t circulate much outside of Japan. On the other hand Fujifilm re-distributes their media to wholesalers and retailers throughout the world. I guess the point I am trying to make is that Fuji is doing things on a much larger scale than TY, so therefore they might not be able to maintain as strict of a quality control during the labeling process than TY who is pretty much only doing labeling on a brand of discs that doesn’t get distributed much outside of Japan.

That is certainly a valid theory. I believe Fuji/TDK/Verbatim/Sony do the labeling and packaging themselves and this is why we see the quality variances.

I’m pretty sure TY does not ship That’s CDR in shrinkwrap packaging. It’s mostly jewel cases and (maybe) spindles. Nor do these discs have the ubiquitous frosted inner ring -a dead giveaway.
That said, I would not buy from a site that cannot spell and whose product links are broken. I click the

For more information, please visit this products webpage"
and wind up at … Microsoft! LOL on that.

What is that ubiquitous frosted inner ring you talk about? Does that ring signify genuine TY discs? I’m a newbie to media

I emailed that website and this is what they said about why the TYs aren’t in spindle cases:

<i>We simply choose not to purchase them in spindle packs, we can be much more
competitive this way and generally
our customers have spindles to put them, we can also do the same on

They say Taiyo Yuden and That’s plain as day. Why would you think they weren’t TY discs? Have a look here, anything familar?

Forget it, that site (http://www.jpldisplays.com.au/oscom...products_id=269) charges $32.50 for shipping thats more than the cost of the product!

Well, shipping from AU to US isn’t going to be cheap, but that’s an awful lot.