Where can i find a socks proxy server?

Where can i find a socks proxy server?

They have a lot of lists that refer to nowhere on different websites.

How can i find an actual site, where i can register, or just get access to a proxy that is suitable for torrents?


most proxies listed on these “proxy sites” are trojanised home or office computers controlled by botnet operators.

Additionally, P2P is not designed to work with proxies. By definition.

And if you are worried about using P2P: Then just don’t use it. :wink:


Thanks for warning me.

Well, I want to use P2P safely for myself, so why not use a [I]proxy[/I]?
How else can I hide my real IP address?

I wonder, if I’ll get rid of the bitcomet and get some [I]better torrent software[/I], would this software still require a proxy of a socks protocol or some [I]proxy with a protocol of the socks family ?[/I]